monopoly idn live

How to Play Monopoly IDN Live

gustavocanteros – IDN LIVE has released the newest judi online game, namely real money Monopoly which comes with a new concept and is presented live which you can play through the IDNLive Indonesia website. How to play Monopoly Idn Live is not much different from what you played when you were little.

This latest Monopoly Live game is a little different from the usual monopoly game, where this real money mono poly game uses a mono poly board consisting of 20 squares.

But what’s special about this game is that there is a bonus box where if the light stops right at the bonus box then all your bets will be paid according to the bonus value in that box, whereas if the light stops right on the ZONK box then all bets are withdrawn.

  • 4 Red Zone Countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei
  • 4 Yellow Zone Countries: Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong
  • 4 Blue Zone Countries: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Philippines
  • 4 Green Zone Countries: Taiwan, Macau, India, Cambodia
  • Bonus x2, Bonus x1, Bonus x1/2 1 Box and 1 Empty Box respectively

Here’s How to Play IDN Live Monopoly

The dealer will roll the dice to see the number of moves the players make, at which point the lights stop and the flag will flutter. The minimum bet for the trusted online IDN monopoly game for real money is only 1000 rupiah.

As soon as someone goes out and the dealer goes out, the dealer will roll the dice again for the next roll, while a light will flash from the last square to a stop light.

Real Money Monopoly Payout :

  • Bet 1 Country : 11x Install
  • 4 Country Bet : 2x Place
  • 2x Bonus: All pairs are paid 2x the value of the pair
  • 1x bonus : All partners are paid 1x partner value
  • Bonus 1/2x: All pairs are paid half x the value of the pair
  • Zone: Draw All Pairs (lose)