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Starlight Princess Slot Review From Pragmatic Play

gustavocanteros – Slot games are a type of online gambling game that liked by people all over the world, one of which is the newest Starlight Princess slot which was released on September 23 2021 by provider Pragmatic Play which has proven to be very fun and provides big advantages for players. player.

The Starlight Princess slot game has the appearance of a machine with 6 reels and 5 paylines where a win is obtained if you get 8 to more of the same symbols on any line and the chances of winning are higher because these symbols don’t have to be on one payline.

The Starlight Princess slot game is also a very fun slot game because it provides an RTP (Return To Player) of 96.50% with high volatility which will make you feel the maximum multiplication value of up to x5000 from the value of the bet you place. In the RTP slot system, the Starlight Princess slot has 2 different settings, namely 95.51% and 94.50%, maybe the difference is not too big if you are used to playing other online slot games.

Let’s find out more about the currently booming Starlight Princess slot game, because below we will explain in more detail about the features of this slot online game!

Starlight Princess Slot Features

1. Tumble
Every time a victory is formed, this tumble feature will appear. The tumble feature is used to replace other symbols with the same symbol in order to win the game and the tumble feature on the Starlight Princess slot will continue to appear as long as a new win is formed.

2. Multiplier
At each spin, Starlight Princess slot players will be able to see a multiplier heart symbol (a heart symbol with wings) appear. There are 4 colors in this multiplier heart symbol, namely: Blue, Green, Red and Gold. As the name suggests, this special symbol comes with a multiplier that can give a boost of between 2x to 500x.
After the collapse feature appears, this multiplier feature will immediately add up to the total wins you get and it will be even better if you can get more than 1 multiplier of hearts on the same roll, because the multiplier values will add up to give a higher value payout. big.

3. Free Spins
You can get the Free Spins feature by triggering 4, 5 to 6 scatter symbols in the Starlight Princess slot on any reel in the same spin. If you manage to hit the scatter symbol, you will receive a payout equal to 3, 5 or 100x the value of the bet you placed before playing the awarded 15 free spins.

Just like other online slot games, multiplier is the key to success in being able to win real money online jackpots from slot games. By getting 3 or more scatter symbols in each free spin, it will be retriggered and will get back 5 free spins which you can play in the free spins round, and if you are lucky, you can get unlimited additional free spins. You can also purchase the free spins feature for a fee equivalent to x100 of the value of your bet.

4. Double Chance
This doubling chance feature is useful for increasing the chances of the free spins feature. In each round of the Starlight Princess game slot, usually the smallest bet value is 200 rupiah, and if you use this opportunity multiplier feature, the bet value will change to 250 rupiah and so will its multiples.

Those are the few reviews that we share today, also look forward to other articles that will discuss various kinds of tips and tricks for playing other online gambling games here!
Have fun!