sicbo casino online

Strategy for Playing Sicbo Casino Online

gustavocanteros – Before learning the strategy for playing online casino sicbo, you must first understand the sicbo game formula, the combinations of various games that may appear, the opportunities before the game, and the player’s advantages in choosing a game.

The Sicbo formula needs to be discussed in depth so players can understand the relationship between the probability of each bet and the odds before playing Sicbo online, then calculating the next betting strategy! From the formula above, we can get some simple conclusions.

How to Play Sicbo Casino Online

1. Betting on (Big/Small) is the most profitable way to play. In terms of probability, both bets are 50%. But if (Any Triple) appears in Sicbo, the dealer wins so the win rate will be lower than 50%. Even so, the casino in terms of profits, these two games are the most profitable for the players.

2. (Odd/Even) betting is a win-win, has the same logic as (Big/Small), so the four game methods: (Big/Small), and (Odd/Even) are the first introductory course in Sicbo. They are also the most profitable for players.

3. Betting on (One Dice) is the least recommended: Although the casino online advantage of these three games is not high in terms of probability, even the highest odds (One Dice) have 34.72%. One dice compared to the payout (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even) is lower, so betting on the odds of winning (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even) will be greater than one dice game.

4. If betting on point totals, bet within the 9-12 point range: the payout in this range is 1:6, and the odds are from 11.57% to 12.50%. If the score is not as good as (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even), if you want to bet on total points, the win rate will be higher on these four points than on any other point.

5. The Special Triple Bet is a sugar-coated poison bet: although Special Triple odds are as high as 1:150 and some payouts are as high as 1:180. However, the probability of a Special Triple appearing is only 0.46%, and the gain is as high as 30.09%, the casino really wants you to bet on a Special Triple. You can enjoy, but if you’re on the spot a lot you’ll just be putting money in the casino’s pocket.

Try combinations of two dice together with (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even): In addition to the basic betting methods (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even), I recommend betting together with the combination of two dice. You can increase your chances of winning and get more profits.

That way, you can also make your game more diverse, so you won’t get bored with the basic betting methods (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even). Correct mentality while betting in casino online, don’t regret after losing all your money.

From the Sicbo formula table, we can see that Sicbo as a whole has undergone changes both in terms of game design and how to play it, which is why online Sicbo is very popular among bettors. As long as you go to any major casino you can see lots of people playing this classic game.